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Custom newborn photography in Keswick

Newborn Photo Album. 20 page lustre photo paper with Gorgeous Photo Suede Cover.

Imagine, your baby is now 10 years old.  She is fascinated by stories of when she was a baby.  On her birthday, you enjoy a yearly ritual- sitting next to her on the couch, flipping through her baby album.  The silky smooth photo cover, and thick photo pages bring back many memories, as you reminisce and think about how quickly time has passed.

Imagine, your baby is now 30 years old.  He has just become a father and like many new grandparents, you bring out all that you have kept from when your child was a baby.  The heirloom is now passed on to your son, who will compare his features in his newborn pictures to those of his new baby.  He may even enjoy looking at it with his own children as they grow.

There is something special about holding a collection of images in your hand, enjoying them snuggled next to one of your favourite people.  I truly believe that the emotions created while doing this cannot be replicated by flipping through an album on facebook.

Printed photographs are so important to your family legacy; of ensuring that the memories are there to be passed on to the next generation.

At Kelly Rawlinson Creative Photography, the albums we choose to carry will stand the test of time.   The hand-made covers can be finished with a photograph, or a high quality selection of fabrics-  vintage linens, silks, leatherette and genuine leathers.   It can be personalized with a printed or embossed name or birth date.  The lay flat pages are true professional photographic paper mounted on a thick core, resulting in beautiful, durable album.

Baby albums are custom designed by Kelly, fit to suit your vision and style.


High quality newborn photography products, created in Georgina Ontario

Custom Baby Album featuring brown leatherette cover with embossing on front.

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Keswick Baby Photos | Professional Photography in York Region

Newborn photographers specialize in photographing babies that are between 6 and 14 days old.  When a family who has missed this short window contacts me wanting baby pictures for their 4, 6 or 8 week old babe….. of course I say I will.  Some photographers won’t, but I know beautiful photos are possible at any age, and I’ll do my best to capture their infant at whatever age they are.  The session may be different than a typical newborn photoshoot, but most often that doesn’t matter to the parents.

Baby W was such a handsome little guy.  One of the benefits of capturing an older newborn is the gorgeous facial expressions, eye contact, and smiles!  6 week old W was full of them.  We even got lucky when he snuck in a little nap…..!

Even if you think you missed the ‘newborn’ window, give your photographer a call.  Discuss what type of photographs are possible at your baby’s age.  You will never regret capturing beautiful images of your baby/child- no matter the age.

Baby photos at any age, professional photo studio in Keswick OntarioProfessional newborn photos in Keswick OntarioFamily photographer in Sutton, Keswick, Georgina, Bradford, UxbridgeNew Baby Pictures in keswick OntarioGeorgina baby photographer

Interested in photos of your baby?  It’s never too late!  Get in touch for more information about Kelly Rawlinson Creative Photography services.  (905)-967-3103,

Lake Simcoe Baby Photography | Orillia Newborn

This 10 day old baby boy was so good for his first photoshoot!

It was so lovely to meet and photograph Baby A and his family from Orillia!  Just a short drive around the lake, the studio is located between Sutton and Keswick on the south shore of Lake Simcoe.

Baby A was full of smiles and great expressions.  So content too – I can tell he’s going to be a happy, easy going little guy.  His photography session was styled with browns, greens and ivory, to match the wall colours and outdoorsy decor of their home.  I can’t wait to see the Canvas Gallery wraps on their walls!

Newborn baby boy portrait by professional newborn photographer serving Orillia OntarioProfessional newborn photoshoot, Orillia newborn babyBlack and white professional newborn photos, Lake Simcoe OntarioProfessional baby photographer Lake Simcoe AreaNewborn baby family images, Lake Simcoe newborn photography

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Keswick Newborn Photography | Baby Elyse

It’s hard for me to believe I’ve been photographing newborn babies for five and a half years now.  I am so privileged to be able to do something that I love so much, to be excited about my work, every day.  I don’t take this for granted, I know not everyone is this lucky.  You know what really makes me excited about my photography?  Seeing it in print!  There is nothing better than a printed photograph – an archival gallery wrapped canvas, an heirloom album, or even a lovely matte print, ready to be framed.  As I get ready to package and deliver a recent order- a canvas collage- enjoy a few photographs (in digital form) of a sweet little baby girl named Elyse.  She was a dream to work with.  Welcome to the World!

11 day old newborn picture in Keswick OntarioBrand new baby girlFirst family photos with new baby in KeswickPeaceful sleeping newbornProfessional photo of Sleeping new baby girl

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