Newmarket (Georgina) Newborn Photographer – Brooklyn, 7 days new

I enjoyed having 3 lovely ladies in the studio recently. Mama Anji, her daughter Victoria and brand new baby Brooklyn! Brooklyn was sooooo tiny. Barely 5 lbs at birth I think she is the smallest newborn I’ve photographed. She was an absolute dream. She slept well and was so easy going. Vicki is a great big sister- what a great age to experience a new sibling! Thanks ladies for spending the morning with me. I hope you enjoy your images 🙂

I love the little details. In each session I include some close ups; eye lashes, toes, fingers, baby fuzz….. the little things that change so quickly and you never want to forget.

Sammie Lovatt - Wow, these photos are amazing!
My favourites are the close ups and the one wrapped in an oval.
How do you come up with such striking compositions? Do you plan it or work naturally as you go through the shoot?
xoxo - Thank you for the kind words Sammie! I always go into a session with a plan, but I have to be very flexible as well. Once the baby is sleeping and comfy I move around to get different angles, composition, lighting etc. Hope that helps!

Newborn Lincoln – Newmarket Newborn Photographer

I was expecting a girl, and had her session all planned out. But Lincoln surprised us all (most of all his mom & dad I’m sure) and was in fact, a BOY! He was an absolute joy to work with. So easy going, and that gorgeous hair! His big brother Jason came for a visit too- it was just about a year ago that he was in for his newborn session. It’s amazing how alike they look, but so different, too. Here are a few of my favourites. Enjoy!



Lyndsay - The day that Lincoln was born was a day I will never forget!!! The surprise of finding out that the little girl I was expecting was a little boy was surreal. If we decided not to know the sex of the baby then we could have been prepared for either or, but we were 100% ready for a girl. Even though we had a bag full of girly clothes, I wouldn’t have it any other way now! This boy is precious and smiley and all in all a healthy happy boy who I couldn’t imagine my life without.

I LOVE the work that you do Kelly, and I was disappointed (at the time) that we didn’t manage to get the maternity photos done, but now I am glad because the girly theme would have been an embarrassing story for poor Lincoln in the future lol.

These newborn photos are amazing and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I look forward to many more photo shoots over the years!