Twin 9 Month Session

Twins!  Oh, I am so facinated by twins, and photographing them is so fun!  At nine months, Galen and Gwenyth definitely challenged me!  I’m used to chasing one baby around as they crawl, roll, walk, pull to standing…. not two in the opposite direction!  I have no idea how mama’s of multiples do it.

It was lovely to see the twins again and see how their personalities have blossomed.  You might remember the image below (one of my favorites!) that was one of the winning images in my 2013 babies contest held this spring.
Here are a few if the resulting images from the twins nine month session – a couple of them together as well as some individual portraits 🙂

Baby Boy | Aurora Newborn Photographer

Ah, Benjamin was so good to me at his newborn session! He was a super sleeper and we got some great images. Caught a few smiles as well! Mom & Dad are Toronto Maple Leaf fans so we included a bit of team spirit in their baby’s photos. The following are some of my favorites. Enjoy!





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Children’s Photography | 9 Month Milestone

Eight or nine months of age is when many babies start to move.  Crawling, pulling up to standing, some even take their first steps.  It’s a great time for a photo session to document this fun time!  Nine months is a perfect age to include in a 1st year baby plan.  A baby plan is a collection of 4 sessions during your child’s first year- typically newborn, sitting milestone, standing/crawling milestone and first birthday.

This little gal was so happy and seemed to love having her photo taken!  When her mom would say “Cheese!” she would look at the camera, smiling.  So so cute!  She was on the move, but not so quick that I couldn’t capture a few lovely moments and expressions.  Thanks for the studio visit Macie-Ray!


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Superheroes! | Sibling Birthday Session

Abby has celebrated her first birthday, and Charlie turned 3!   I just love having these two in the photography studio, and the superhero theme made it so much fun!  Abby certainly is Wonder Woman after all she’s been through, and her big bro Super Grover is a little hero in his care and love for his baby sister.   I love that we were able to capture some fun individual portraits, and manage a few of the two of them together too.

Happy Birthday you two!