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With my baby plan, in addition to your newborn session you will get 3 additional sessions in your baby’s first year.  Most will choose to do these at the big milestones- tummy time (3 months), sitting (6-8 months) and standing/walking (1st birthday).  It’s incredible how quickly they change in one year, and a total joy to photograph.  I love having clients back and seeing their little one’s again!  I try to keep some consistency in colours and textures, or a theme throughout each session.  This allows the family to display the images together in an album, or wall display.  It’s fun to do ‘comparison’ shots using the same prop to emphasize how much the child has grown.

For Harper’s newborn session late last year I used a pink and cream colour scheme.  I carried these colours into her first milestone session – sitting up.  I also used some of the same props – the cream wash basin, antique chair, and pink/green quilt.  She is incredibly sweet and I just love the expressions she gave me during the session!  She was a bit shy at first, but most are at that age.  I spend some time just playing and getting the baby comfortable with me before I put a big camera in front of my face.  I try to capture some of the more serious looks too – those are just as cherished by the parents.

I’m really looking forward to having Harper back for her birthday session!  Here are some of my favourite images from her baby milestone session.


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Newborn Photos | Pefferlaw Ontario

So glad for the opportunity to photograph this little man!  It was just less than 2 years ago that I photographed his older brother.  Boy do they look alike!  It was great to see them all again, and see how big brother has grown.  He is going to be such a great help to his mom with the new baby, I just know it!  This little one received a complimentary hair cut at the hospital.  Mom and I agreed not to edit any of it out, it is afterall, an important part of his birth story.

I always include sibling, parent and family pictures in a newborn session.  I believe it’s so important to show these relationships, it’s something that the family will love to look back on.  The little baby, as he or she grows will love to see what their brother / sister / mom / dad looked like when they were just born.  Some of my favourite photos in the world are ones of my mom when I was a newborn, so I make sure to capture these images for others.  Some new moms are uncomfortable with their bodies that are still recovering from the trauma of child birth.  I understand this, but please believe me when I tell you that it won’t matter at all in 5, ten, or twenty years!  When you look at these photographs down the road, you won’t see the  ‘baby’ weight, or the tired eyes…… you will see a glowing new mom holding her brand new baby.  If not for yourself, do it for your babies!

Here are some of my favourites from this session.
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Sunset Maternity Session | Keswick Ontario

Such a gorgeous summer evening spent with this great couple!  Sunset sessions are quickly becoming a favourite of mine – the light is so warm and beautiful in the last hour before the sun goes down.  There is a short time after the sun sets that is a great time to photograph as well- the light is so soft and even.  Family sessions, maternity sessions and children’s portraits are a great choice to schedule at this time of day.

It was a pleasure to create these beautiful pregnancy images for Melinda and Cameron….. I can’t wait to see them again and create portraits of their new baby boy!pregnancy-photos


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GTA Baby Photographer | On Location Photography

Handsome Anson!  It’s got a ring to it, doesn’t it?  And he is indeed handsome with this strawberry blond hair and sky blue eyes.  This beautiful boy was born at home to his loving parents, Myles and Kylie.

It was such a pleasure to be welcomed into Anson’s family’s home in Bracebridge to photograph him at 9 days old.   I do offer in-home sessions for those families who are out of town, or uncomfortable traveling with a new baby for whatever reason.  I pack up my gear and props and set up in a room with the best window light.  If there isn’t enough natural light I can bring my studio lighting, provided there is enough room for set up.

I set up in Anson’s room and used his window light.  I even used the nursery as a backdrop for some of the pictures- they have gorgeous wood floors!  I am so happy they wanted me to use my birch bark basket- I have been waiting a long time to use that prop.  And I love how it turned out- this basket fits Kylie and Myles’ home and style perfectly.  I’m so thrilled!

Thank you both so much, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this special time in your lives.  I hope that you enjoy your pregnancy and newborn photos for a lifetime.  You’ve given Anson a gift that he will one day hold dear as well.


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