Sunset Maternity Session | Keswick Ontario

Such a gorgeous summer evening spent with this great couple!  Sunset sessions are quickly becoming a favourite of mine – the light is so warm and beautiful in the last hour before the sun goes down.  There is a short time after the sun sets that is a great time to photograph as well- the light is so soft and even.  Family sessions, maternity sessions and children’s portraits are a great choice to schedule at this time of day.

It was a pleasure to create these beautiful pregnancy images for Melinda and Cameron….. I can’t wait to see them again and create portraits of their new baby boy!pregnancy-photos


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GTA Baby Photographer | On Location Photography

Handsome Anson!  It’s got a ring to it, doesn’t it?  And he is indeed handsome with this strawberry blond hair and sky blue eyes.  This beautiful boy was born at home to his loving parents, Myles and Kylie.

It was such a pleasure to be welcomed into Anson’s family’s home in Bracebridge to photograph him at 9 days old.   I do offer in-home sessions for those families who are out of town, or uncomfortable traveling with a new baby for whatever reason.  I pack up my gear and props and set up in a room with the best window light.  If there isn’t enough natural light I can bring my studio lighting, provided there is enough room for set up.

I set up in Anson’s room and used his window light.  I even used the nursery as a backdrop for some of the pictures- they have gorgeous wood floors!  I am so happy they wanted me to use my birch bark basket- I have been waiting a long time to use that prop.  And I love how it turned out- this basket fits Kylie and Myles’ home and style perfectly.  I’m so thrilled!

Thank you both so much, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this special time in your lives.  I hope that you enjoy your pregnancy and newborn photos for a lifetime.  You’ve given Anson a gift that he will one day hold dear as well.


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Newborn Portraits | Keswick Family Photographer

How sweet is 10 day old Maya???

Babies tend to do the opposite of what their parents expect at their photography session.  I hear “I’m afraid he’s not going to sleep for you, this is his ‘awake time'”.  And then he sleeps like a dream.  So when Maya’s mother came in and said “She’s going to be so easy- all she does is sleep!”.  I thought “Uh-oh”!  Perhaps it’s because a baby who is very well rested becomes aware and interested in my studio- new place, sights, sounds smells.  But a tired newborn who doesn’t sleep as much gets lulled into dreamland by the warmth and comfort of the studio.  I don’t know for sure, this is just a trend I’ve noticed recently.

So Maya put up a fight for awhile, but eventually slept well so I got both awake and beautiful sleepy baby images.  Mom and Dad, Jenny and John, especially loved her awake photos- they show so much of her personality.

It was a pleasure to spend this time with the three of them.  Jenny and I were friends in high school, so it was nice to catch up and meet her husband and brand new daughter.  Enjoy every moment you two –  they grow so fast!   Here are some of my favourite portraits that resulted from the photography session.


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Jenny Forman - Love our sweet Maya’s newborn photos! Thanks again Kelly for the great experience and capturing this special time of our little girl!

Newborn Connor | Sutton Baby Photography

Two and a half week old baby Connor was a dream!  Such as smiley boy!  I have really been lucky with older newborns lately.  I recommend you book your session before your baby is 10 days old, but it’s never too late to call!  Older newborns are not as flexible or curly (they’ve had time to stretch out, and grow!) so some poses are not possible.  But occasionally, a baby will curl up and sleep well in that 2-3 week old range.  Even if they don’t, beautiful images are still possible of your gorgeous baby.  Better late than never, right?  It’s so important to document the early days.  What is the first thing your baby’s grandparents did when you told them you were pregnant, or your baby was born?  They likely brought out YOUR baby album, to reminisce and argue about who the newborn looks like!  The professional photos you take today are not only for you, they are for your child, and your child’s children.  It is an investment that grows more valuable through the generations.

There were so many great pictures of Connor, I had a hard time narrowing down my favourites for this post!  It was a pleasure to work with Connor and his awesome parents.  They are so happy to welcome their first baby, their son Connor.  Enjoy!


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