Bradford Newborn Photography | Nathan’s Session

One of my favourite things about my job, is meeting new people who are about to become parents, or have just had their first child.  It brings me back to that time in my life, when my babies were so small and life was suddenly changed.  Becoming a parent is the most wonderful and scary and miraculous thing, and completely life altering.   Watching parents with their brand new baby lets me relive my own memories once again.  Nathan’s parents were oh so sweet, and so over the moon about their little man.  Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this special time- Nathan’s first photo session.  He rocked it, and it was a pleasure to spend time with you all!


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The Most Beautiful Time of the Year | Maternity

Autumn is my favourite.  I love the fall colours, the cool crisp air, and the gorgeous evening light and beautiful sunsets.  It’s such a short time before bitter winds begin to blow off of Lake Simcoe, and everything freezes as snow flies.  Because perfect autumn weather last just a few short weeks, it’s one of the busiest times in the photography industry.  Fall family portraits, and my favourite- maternity portraits!  I’m so lucky to have had several booked this year, and this amazing couple were my first.  The leaves hadn’t quite started to change, but we took advantage of the yummy evening light and the peak of the goldenrod and purple aster blooms.  Their little baby girl is due to be born any day now, and I can’t wait to meet her!  Just a few of my favourite images from Erin and Rob’s maternity session.  Enjoy!




Newborn Twins | Professional Photo Shoot

Two twin posts in a row, what are the chances?   Baby G & V were only my second set of boy-girl twins.  Born just 2 weeks before their due date, these little ones were 15 days old at the time of their photography session.  Both babies were quite alert, and woke easily when I moved them around in the poses.  It wasn’t until I asked Mom how they were positioned in the womb, and placed them like that – that they calmed and fell into a nice deep sleep.  It was like magic, yet makes perfect sense.  They had been squished together like that for 38 weeks, of course they found it calming and comfortable, familiar, to be touching like that.

Big Brother R was amazing with his baby brother and sister, excited to hold and hug them on his own.  He was so gentle and loving with them- you can see the excitement in his expression.  While they are one of the most challenging, sibling and baby photos are some of my favourites.  The first days with baby siblings documented, the big brother or big sister’s excitement and instant love captured in one image.

Just a few photos from the session are below.  Enjoy!

IMG_4242 copyIMG_4218IMG_4408-copyIMG_4266-copyIMG_4304_2IMG_4412 copy


Twin Girls Cake Smash Family Session

What a fun session!  Identical twin girls E and R’s first birthday portrait, cake smash and family session!  It doesn’t get much better than that- except maybe when the location is a gorgeous lake front property with an amazing view of Lake Simcoe….. check!

Now that I’ve got all of my !!! out of the way……..  It was truly a pleasure to spend the evening with this beautiful family.  I’ve said before that twins fascinate me, I made it one of my goals during this session to capture the girl’s much different personalities in the photos.   I think I achieved that goal, showing E’s quiet, thoughtful nature, and R’s playful curiosity.  To say they kept me on my feet would be an understatement.  Mom did a great job with the cute watermelon cakes, perfect for a late summer evening photo session.  E wasn’t much into eating the cake- or getting messy, but R had a great time smashing her first taste of cake.

Happy 1st Birthday Girls!  The family will have these fun photos to look back on to remember that day.