Family of 6 | Maternity and Newborn

Recently I spent time photographing this family before and after the birth of their 4th child.  A few weeks before the baby’s Halloween due date, I visited their home and did some maternity style family photos on their property.  The pumpkins were left over from the recent baby shower- and a great addition to the photos’ celebrating the upcoming birth of their Hallowe’en baby!family-maternity-pumpkinsfamily-of-5-baby-bump

With 3 older siblings, little baby K had already learned how much excitement she missed when she fell asleep – so she didn’t want anything at all to do with that!  I was fortunate to have caught a couple of peaceful blinks, as well as lots of awake images and sweet expressions.  What a sweet baby, and sweet family!  I look forward to photographing you all again!


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Holiday Portrait Session Fundraiser

I had a wonderfully busy week preparing, shooting, editing and delivering images for my Holiday Portrait Sessions.  This year, instead of the typical Christmas mini session, I hosted a fundraiser for the Georgina Food Pantry.  I love to give back at this time of year, and doing so with the gift of photography seemed like an amazing opportunity.   I was able to raise $50 in cash and $250 worth of food (125 lbs) for the local food bank.

When I delivered the food I was given a tour of the facility, and it was sobering.  So many people in my community need help this year and I am grateful to be able to take part and help in my own small way.  Thank you to the Georgina Food Pantry and all of the volunteers for everything that you do!

Big thanks to Elizabeth, from E. Photography for taking my portrait with the donation, and helping me deliver the goods.  Happy Holiday’s to all!

Kelly Rawlinson Creative Photography collected 125 lbs of food as well as monetary donations for the Georgina Food Bank.

Kelly Rawlinson Creative Photography collected 125 lbs of food as well as monetary donations for the Georgina Food Bank.

Kelly photographed 32 Children and their families.

Kelly photographed 32 Children and their families.

20 Families took part in this year

20 Families took part in this year’s fundraising event.


Before and After | Newborn Safety on Props

I thought it might be fun to do a short ‘before and after’ post, to show how much editing can go into an image of a newborn on a prop.  Things are not always what they seem, and many of the more creative newborn images are composites of two or more photos.   I also feel responsible for showing how this is done to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety at all times.

I will never leave a baby unattended on a prop and always go that extra step to edit the parent out of the image.  In the case of this guitar pose that I have done a couple of times- a parent had a hand on the baby AT ALL TIMES.  Your newborn’s safety is my top priority and I will take no chances with a precious wee one!  The guitar was also supported from behind to keep it steady with no chance of toppling over.

The photos below will demonstrate how I photograph this image, and the stunning final edit.

Dad keeps hand firmly on baby

Dad keeps hand firmly on baby’s back preventing any movement.

Mom supports bottom and back with a firm hand that prevents baby from sliding down or rolling .

Mom supports bottom and back with a firm hand that prevents baby from sliding down or rolling .

It worth the extra effort in photoshop to create such stunning images!

Bradford Newborn Photography | Nathan’s Session

One of my favourite things about my job, is meeting new people who are about to become parents, or have just had their first child.  It brings me back to that time in my life, when my babies were so small and life was suddenly changed.  Becoming a parent is the most wonderful and scary and miraculous thing, and completely life altering.   Watching parents with their brand new baby lets me relive my own memories once again.  Nathan’s parents were oh so sweet, and so over the moon about their little man.  Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this special time- Nathan’s first photo session.  He rocked it, and it was a pleasure to spend time with you all!


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