Newborn Photography | Camera Gear

A lot of my clients lately have been commenting “Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone looking through a viewfinder!”.  I’ve never stopped, and rarely use my camera phone or point and shoot, so it’s still very normal to me and makes me giggle that people would find it unusual.   This post is to explain a bit about the camera gear you will see me using in a session.  Photography has become very automated with the use of iphones and instagram filters, that folks don’t know much about professional gear and why/how it’s used.Baby-Photographer-Camera-Bag

I’m a prime lens shooter- that means my lenses (except 1) are one focal length.  I find these lenses to be of superior quality- the sharpness is unmatched.  The downside is I can’t zoom in or out….. so you’ll notice me moving around (backing up and moving forward) more than a photographer who uses a zoom lens.

Camera: I use a professional level Canon DSLR, the 5D MarkII.   It’s a few years old now, and I would love to upgrade to the MarkIII, but I can’t justify that when the MarkII is still treating me so well!Newborn-photography-len-choiceLenses:  For newborn sessions I usually use my Sigma 50mm f1.4 lens (not pictured above because it was used to take these pictures, haha!), but have been using the Sigma 35mm ART lens more often too.  I looooove my Sigma lenses, preferring them to the Canon.  I also use my Canon 100mm macro lens for babies.  This is the lens I use to get those close up, shallow depth of field images of feet, eyelashes, tiny lips and flaky skin.  These 3 are the ones you’ll see me switching to during your photo session.   You won’t see me using my Canon 17-40mm zoom- this is my only zoom, and it’s used for landscapes, nature and real estate photography.

Other Gear:  I am a stickler for proper white balance, so every time there is a set change I photograph my gray card- this helps me keep colours perfectly correct.  I’ll also use my Sekonic light meter from time to time- especially for difficult, artistic lighting situations.  This tells me the proper exposure for the lighting conditions.Exposure-colour-balance-toysFun Stuff:  I always have a couple of squeaky toys to get your child’s attentions (for older babies and kids).  I also have some photogenic toys – if they need something to hold onto in the photos they can use these.  They won’t be too noticeable in the photos but they’ll keep your child happy.

That’s it! (I won’t mention the 8 pens, 5 chap sticks or 3 packages of gum that I found deep in the pockets of my camera bag.)  I have more gear and gadgets in the studio that have to do with lighting systems and backdrops and props.  But I will save that for later.  I love to talk about what I know about the technical side of photography, so if you’re watching me and wondering- don’t hesitate to ask!

7 day old Maren | Newborn Portraits

Aside from creating beautiful imagery, my favourite thing about my job is meeting new parents.  It’s even better when those new parents are old friends!  I had not seen Maren’s mom and dad in nearly 10 years.  I attended high school with her Dad, and met her Mom some years later at some party’s and get togethers with friends.  They had since moved from town, so I was super excited to hear from them and book their first baby’s photo session!newmarket-newborn-photographybest-newmarket-baby-picturesnewmarket-photographerbradford-newborn-pictures

We had discussed maybe purple as an accent colour for the session, but I kept being drawn by the aqua blue blankets and props.  Maren’s name means “of the sea”, and her parents were married by the ocean.  I had no idea that the aqua teal colour I had chosen for their session was also their wedding colour!  (I pulled out the purple items too, just in case, but they loved the blue!).  So fitting to use it for their baby girl’s first photography shoot as well.Bradford-family

It was a pleasure to reconnect with you two again, and meet sweet Maren.  Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!


Studio Maternity | Natalie’s Pregnancy

December in Ontario is not the best time to photograph an outdoor maternity.  Luckily, I have a studio to work in during the winter and early spring months.  Natalie was looking forward to a more creative studio session, with dramatic lighting to show off her pregnancy.  The dresses that she brought with her were incredibly gorgeous!  What a beautiful way to flatter her growing baby bump.  Tip: Not all maternity wear needs to come from the maternity clothing store!  These dresses were found in the regular women’s department.  Look for stretchy fabrics, and size up to fit.gorgeous-pregnancybeautiful-maternity-photosartistic-pregnancy-picturescreative-maternity-photos

Sometimes the baby’s father is not interested in being a part of the maternity session- and that’s totally OK!  About half of the time I photograph only the expecting mother, and older children (if there are any).  Thank you Natalie for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your pregnancy.  You are such a beautiful mom-to-be…. I can’t wait to meet your little baby soon!

Sweet baby Rowan | Rustic Newborn Photography Session

I met Claire and Mike in the forest, on a crisp fall day at sunset.  They chose to do their maternity photoshoot there – the land in the local area means a great deal to them, and they enjoy walking their dogs in the trails.  It was late in the season, but luckily the leaves held on a bit longer this past year.pregnancy, maternity, pictures, photographs, photographer

A few weeks later their baby Rowan arrived, and we carried that outdoor woodsy theme into their newborn session, using a very natural colour theme of browns, greens, and wooden props.  The hollowed out tree prop was kindly supplied by Rowan’s parents!  This piece fits my style so well and I am so thankful for the gift!natural newbornFirst family photo

Rowan was a dream baby to photograph- a content, sleepy and beautiful boy!  I’m loving how the colours in this session came together.  Classic black and white photos on a black background really appeal to me, and I’ve started using them again since this session.  A baby posed in his dad’s hands really emphasizes just how small a newborn baby is.Classic newborn portraitorganic newborn, natural stylebest newborn photographer

I offer free consultations to anyone wanting to know more about my newborn photography.  Did you know I work with each family to customize the styling of the session?  Make an appointment to visit my studio, and we’ll discuss what your baby’s photos could look like!