7 days new, Aria | Keswick newborn photographer

This little peach is my new niece, Aria!  So happy for my sister-in-law, who now has a beautiful baby girl to join her two big brothers.   Aria came in to be photographed at 7 days old.  My recommendation is 6 to 10 days of age for the best chance at capturing those sweet sleepy, curly newborn poses.  It’s best to plan ahead and book your session while in your third trimester- to ensure a spot on my calendar as well as having the planning all done so that you are not worrying about that while also learning to care for your new little bundle of joy.

At your pre-consultation (in person, or on the phone) we’ll go over all of the details- what colours you like, blanket, basket, bucket, or fur props you want me to use, poses that you must have.  Also, what to wear, and how to prepare baby for the session, and what to expect.  Then when session day arrives you can relax and know that the details are taken care of.  Everything will be set up when you arrive, and you can sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the experience.

Here are just a few images from Aria’s newborn collection.

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Newborn Baby | Professional Photography in Georgina

How do you like to enjoy your photography?  Do you prefer to see an image gallery on your wall?  To walk past and enjoy every day, have friends and family see when they visit your home?  They say that children’s self esteem is increased by seeing their pictures in their home.  Seeing these photographs makes them feel important and loved, and part of a strong family unit.

Maybe you prefer to spend very focused time reflecting on your memories- curled up on your couch with a cup of tea, flipping through a book of images from a session, or certain period of time in your life.  Personally, some of my favourite time spent with my children is looking through their baby book- and I can tell they love it as well.

However you imagine yourself experiencing the images from a photo shoot, the most important thing is that you have them printed!!!   It’s my personal goal to see you walk away from our experience together with something in your hand, a physical product that you can enjoy now and pass on to your child(ren) when they are grown.  Prints from box store labs just don’t cut it- the quality required for a lasting image is something only provided by a professional photo lab.  I’d love to show you the difference!

I had a fantastic newborn session with baby Cruze.  He is just the sweetest little bundle, and I had a great time getting to know the family (even the visiting grand parents!) though out the process of maternity and baby sessions.  Here are a few of my favorites  of 1 week old Cruze.

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Studio Maternity Session | Lake Simcoe Area Photographer

So many women I speak with realize the importance of documenting their pregnancy in photographs…… only after their baby is born.  Once those gentle kicks and rolls are outside of the body, and no longer in their womb.  What felt like an annoyance or painful even, with the frustration of the third trimester gone, mothers often long for that feeling of carrying life in their belly.  For some this happens soon after the birth of their baby, and for others it’s a nagging longing that comes months or years later.

Maternity photographs are a reminder of this wonderful time.  They are to help you remember how you looked, really looked, without all of the yucky feeling of pregnancy.  We don’t all feel our best while pregnant, and that can cloud just how beautiful and glowing we are.  To capture that glow, the beauty, the relationship with your spouse and of both of you with your unborn child is important.  How amazing will it be to sit down with your child as he grows, and tell him about the time he was growing in your belly?  How beautiful for him to see how stunning his mommy was while she was pregnant.   Pregnancy is the first step in the adventure called raising a child- document that time in your family’s life!

maternity-photography-keswickmaternity-pics-suttonblack-and-white-maternity-shootpregnancy-photos-newmarketIt was a pleasure to work with Shannon and Aaron during this studio shoot.  I can’t wait to meet their little boy and have them all back for the newborn pictures!

Sutton Baby Photographer | Newborn Henry

What a great time photographing Henry!  Big sister Jane, who I photographed just less than 2 years ago, made an appearance for the sibling and family photos too.  It was really nice to see the family again and get to know little Henry.  He was such a chill little guy, a really sweet, easy going baby.keswick-maternity-baby-family-photography


Sibling images can be difficult, especially with the toddler is under two years old.  The key to my success is to be as quick as possible.  Using the parents as support on either side, I work as fast as possible to get the shot, and then move on.  Toddlers usually don’t have much patience, and I don’t want to test it.  Best to just move on to the family photos!baby-boy-green-newborn-setupbaby-yawningI’ve talked before about sticking with a theme, colour scheme, or series of props when working with my baby plan clients.  I feel this is also important when working with repeat clients.  Big Sister Jane’s newborn photos were done with me in 2014.  I used a neutral colour pallete with Henry, so that the images would match or compliment each other when displayed together in their home.  I even used the same blanket!  I think mom appreciated this, and ended up ordering one of each for her wall.newborn-boy-and-sister-at-same-ageCongratulations on another beautiful baby!  I enjoyed looking back on Jane’s newborn photos as well- I think she’ll be an amazing big sister to baby Henry.

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