Spring 2023 Limited Edition Portrait Sessions


Includes a Timeless Portrait session & complimentary Deluxe 8x10 print

Why do you need these photos?

Your children are growing so quickly they seem to change every day. You’re afraid that you will forget the little things; the scrunchy nose smile, the face they make when they're surprised, or the way they throw their head back when they are about to erupt in a big belly laugh.

Don’t you wish you could just bottle it all up? Keep it close to your heart so that you never forget how this moment feels? There's joy in growth and change, but our kid's childhood truly seems to go too fast.

Slow down for a moment while we capture this time, to remember them at this age. Let's create images that you'll enjoy in your home for a lifetime.

Photos on wall example

This is what inspired these sessions (and, well... my whole reason for being a photographer!). The canvas art seen here has hung on my wall for more than 10 years. I see them multiple times a day, and they make me smile all the time. I have no intention of ever taking them down.

The best way I know of to freeze time is to photograph it. Schedule your session and we'll do just that- freeze time.

Limited Edition Portrait Sessions are short and sweet photoshoots with a special theme, location, or purpose. The number of sessions is extremely limited, and is something not normally offered.

These sessions come with a special booking price, and unique product offerings.


An enjoyable experience for the whole family!

Helping you look your best.

My 'what to wear' guide and personalized help with wardrobe selection will make sure your photos will look great.

Your clothing for these sessions should be simple and timeless. I know it's nice to have a second opinion- so I'm always here to help!

Display your photos on the wall

No Stress.

Kids will be kids! Let's allow their personality to guide the session, to capture them just as they are. They don't like to stay still? We'll play games and sing songs to get great expression.

Artwork for your home.

You want to enjoy your images for years to come. The best way to do that is high quality printed artwork.

Each session comes with a piece of art, ready for framing. Our art options include a mix of traditional & modern wall art that allows you to decorate your walls in the aesthetic that suits your home.

I'm excited to introduce, for the first time- Dog Photography in the studio!

As part of the Timeless Kids Sessions, there will be designated dates for pet parents, and families that would like to include their dog(s).

Simply let me know you'd like your dog photographed, and we'll book you in on one of the "Doggie Days".

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Timeless black and white kids photos

What's included?

~Pre-session phone consultation

~Fun portrait session at my residential studio

~In-Person image reveal and ordering appointment

~Free delux 8x10 print

~Option to purchase additional artwork and digital images

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

My residential studio is located in Georgina, Ontario.

Are digital files included?

Digital images are not included with your session. After your session, you will view the images at the studio and choose your free 8x10 print. If you wish, you can purchase more images- artwork, or digital files.

Do I have to purchase anything else?

No! No high pressure sales tactics are used in our business. Purchase only what you love! You're free to walk away with just your free print, but I will warn you that you may love more than one and choose to purchase additional prints or digital images.

Are all of the photos Black and White?

If you prefer, you can choose to view and order your photos in colour, black and white, or a mix of B&W and colour if you wish!

What if my child is sick, or misbehaves during the photoshoot?

Please reschedule your session if your child is sick. 24-48 hours notice is appreciated. There is a no-illness policy in place in my studio.

My portrait sessions are very child-led, and we will work at their pace. I aim to make the photoshoot enjoyable for everyone. Without rigid exceptions, it is quite unlikely your child will misbehave!

There's no better time to capture these memories of your loved one! Let's have fun documenting their adorable personality!

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About the Artist

My heart centered approach to creating connection during a photoshoot will capture your family in an authentic way that will help you revisit these moments.

I have been photographing families in the GTA since 2011. My college education in photography, and countless courses, mentorships and workshops completed allow me to continue growing as an artist, and photographer. As a mom of 2, I know how important your family's memories are. High quality photographic imagery and printed artwork are the best way to preserve and enjoy them for years to come.

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