Limited Edition Mini Portrait Sessions

A short and sweet way to capture your family's big memories!

mini session samples

Limited Edition sessions give you the chance to capture family portraits on a special, seasonal backdrop. For example, at The Giving Place, their beautiful lavender and sunflower fields provide a perfect opportunity to capture stunning family photos for displaying on your walls. Or at Christmas time, get those fun holiday shots for creating Holiday cards and tree ornaments.

Limited Edition sessions are perfect if:

• You only want a couple of nice photos of your children & family

• You have active children who would struggle with the length of a full session

• You want a budget friendly portrait session

• You are interested in the seasonal backdrops available

What's Included?

- What to Wear Guide

- 20 minute photo session with special backdrop

- Convenient online ordering; all collections include digital files and print credit

- Finished, ready to hang artwork options for your walls