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Newborn Photography Birth Announcement Newborn I did something new for Rowben's family, and thought I would share it here instead of my normal selection of images from the newborn session. It was a pleasure to have big brother Arjen come in for t... READ MORE A Newborn Session | Newmarket Photographer Newborn I had a hard time choosing the images for this post!  There are just so many that I love so much.  The session was magical..... 8 day old Weston was so handsome, sleepy and cuddly, and his parents are... READ MORE Christmas Mini Sessions The Studio This is a great chance to get updated photos of your children to give as gifts, or use for personalized holiday cards.   Or just a good excuse to update your family photos! Space is limited, please u... READ MORE Baby Jersey | Keswick Newborn Photography Newborn Introducing baby Jersey![su_spacer size="10"] This little beauty has the most adorable pouty lips and soft whispy hair.  And what a special session for me!   About a year and a half ago I photographe... READ MORE The Studio | Newborn Photography The Studio [su_spacer size="10"] Welcome to my photography studio![su_spacer] I'm creating this post to give you a peek at the dedicated studio space in my home, in Willow Beach.   I love to spend my time in t... READ MORE Twin 9 Month Session Baby's First Year Twins!  Oh, I am so facinated by twins, and photographing them is so fun!  At nine months, Galen and Gwenyth definitely challenged me!  I'm used to chasing one baby around as they crawl, roll, walk, p... READ MORE