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The Studio | Newborn Photography The Studio [su_spacer size="10"] Welcome to my photography studio![su_spacer] I'm creating this post to give you a peek at the dedicated studio space in my home, in Willow Beach.   I love to spend my time in t... READ MORE Twin 9 Month Session Baby's First Year Twins!  Oh, I am so facinated by twins, and photographing them is so fun!  At nine months, Galen and Gwenyth definitely challenged me!  I'm used to chasing one baby around as they crawl, roll, walk, p... READ MORE Baby Boy | Aurora Newborn Photographer Newborn Ah, Benjamin was so good to me at his newborn session! He was a super sleeper and we got some great images. Caught a few smiles as well! Mom & Dad are Toronto Maple Leaf fans so we included a bit ... READ MORE Children’s Photography | 9 Month Milestone Baby's First Year Eight or nine months of age is when many babies start to move.  Crawling, pulling up to standing, some even take their first steps.  It's a great time for a photo session to document this fun time!  N... READ MORE Superheroes! | Sibling Birthday Session Baby's First Year Abby has celebrated her first birthday, and Charlie turned 3!   I just love having these two in the photography studio, and the superhero theme made it so much fun!  Abby certainly is Wonder Woman aft... READ MORE York Region Photography | Happy First Birthday Baby's First Year Happy 1st Birthday Abby!  This image is from the first part of Abby's winning session (winner of the 2013 babies contest!).  Here she is, wearing a gorgeous dress that her Grandmother made.  It's the ... READ MORE