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Baby’s First Birthday Photos Baby's First Year Your Baby's First Birthday is such an important milestone to have photographed! It's fun to see how much growth and change happens in just a year- and before you know it this toddler stage too will ... READ MORE How the current pandemic may affect your Photo Session The Studio As of Friday June 19, photographers in York Region may once again open their doors. It has always been my priority to keep my little clients and their families safe. I have made a few policy change... READ MORE Newmarket Baby Pictures Newborn I work with families from all over York Region capturing their baby's first pictures. Georgina, Newmarket, Bradford, Beaverton and Uxbridge are all a pleasant drive to my home studio in Willow Beach... READ MORE Photos of Newborns and Dogs Newborn It's been said that the two most difficult things to photograph are children and animals. Many times I have had the chance to shoot both together - newborns with dogs- and I love the challenge! P... READ MORE Halloween Fundraiser The Studio This year, Kelly Rawlinson Creative Photography hosted a Halloween photos fundraiser for the food bank. One hundred and forty-four pounds (144 lbs!) of food was collected, and donated to the Georgin... READ MORE New Website! | Keswick’s Newborn Photographer Newborn I'm happy to say that my new website is finally launched!  There are still some additions in the works- including new headshots of ME, but for now, it's out in the world.  As they say, "Done is better... READ MORE