About Kelly Rawlinson – Professional Newborn Photographer


The birth of my daughter, and becoming a mom, was an incredible experience.  I became insanely passionate about this time in a woman’s life; the excitement, the fears, the joy- it’s nothing short of miraculous. And as a photographer, it naturally became my desire to create memories of this time for others. This short time in life goes so quickly and your memories can be lost in the blur of activity, your recovering body and lack of sleep.   I want to create photographs for you to remember what that time in your family’s life looked like. So you’ll remember what it felt like.  Tiny fingers and toes, fine baby hair. The intense love you had for this brand new tiny being.

After the birth of my second child, my son, I began to immerse myself in my study of newborn photography.  In addition to my Applied Photography diploma from Sheridan College, I have now taken many courses in newborn photography covering lighting, posing and safety.  I am a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, with Accreditation in the Newborn, Children and Infant, and Maternity categories.

Every baby is a miracle, your miracle, and an important piece in your family’s story.  Let me help you visualize that part of your story as beautiful artwork so that memory can be enjoyed, remembered, and cherished, always.