Mom and Baby photos in Georgina

Baby’s First Birthday Photos

July 22, 2020

1st birthday photos in Keswick Ontario

Your Baby’s First Birthday is such an important milestone to have photographed! It’s fun to see how much growth and change happens in just a year- and before you know it this toddler stage too will pass.

The curiosity, the smiles, and the milestones reached- crawling, standing, walking are documented. Personalities really shine through at this age, and it’s so fun to capture!

1st birthday photos in Keswick Ontario
First birthday for baby in Keswick Ontario
Mom and Baby photos in Georgina

I love the simple, white backdrop and photography set- more than any other! It really puts the focus on that sweet baby without the distraction of colour or props. I was so excited when this little guy’s mom requested it.

It also gave me a chance to use my new white, natural light bedroom set as a backdrop for this little guy. It almost creates an in-home lifestyle photography feeling. In additional to the studio set it’s a really nice variety of images for your family album.

Interested in more infomation about my 1st Birthday Photo Sessions? Email info@kellyrawlinsonphotography.com for more information, pricing, and booking.

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