Newmarket Baby Pictures

June 1, 2020

Newmarket Newborn Pictures

I work with families from all over York Region capturing their baby’s first pictures. Georgina, Newmarket, Bradford, Beaverton and Uxbridge are all a pleasant drive to my home studio in Willow Beach.

In the past couple of years, shooting photo sessions, editing, and creating beautiful pieces of art for the families I work with has kept me very busy. I have done a very bad job at keeping this blog current. Thanks to Covid-19, I’ve been not working for over two months now and that’s given me some time to catch up on life- things around the house, sprucing up the studio (including creating a new space for clients!) and organizing my business a bit. I hope with some restructuring of my time, and focus, I can get back to sharing all of these beautiful baby pictures with you!

Newmarket Newborn Pictures

Little Logan’s photoshoot was a few months back. He was the sweetest little guy. I really enjoyed meeting the whole family, including his doggy. Is it just me, or can you see how proud big fur sister Chloe is?

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Logan and Chloe are featured in my Newborns and Dogs post from last week: https://kellyrawlinsonphotography.com/2020/05/25/photos-of-newborns-and-dogs/

We were lucky with a few smiles from Logan, and he was such a great sleeper! I couldn’t ask for a better little client – it’s a treat when they make it easy for me. His parents were very happy with their pictures, too!

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Update on Bookings:

Unfortunately I can’t take any new bookings at the moment, but I will take information and get in touch when I am allowed to book newborn sessions again! Email info@kellyrawlinsonphotography.com for more information.

This pandemic has caused a lot of heartache, and I understand your disappointment about potentially missing your new baby’s photos. I’m working on something special for sitters (6-8 months of age) that I hope you’ll love just as much. Stay safe, and keep well!

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