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April 27, 2017

Newborn photographers specialize in photographing babies that are between 6 and 14 days old.  When a family who has missed this short window contacts me wanting baby pictures for their 4, 6 or 8 week old babe….. of course I say I will.  Some photographers won’t, but I know beautiful photos are possible at any age, and I’ll do my best to capture their infant at whatever age they are.  The session may be different than a typical newborn photoshoot, but most often that doesn’t matter to the parents.

Baby W was such a handsome little guy.  One of the benefits of capturing an older newborn is the gorgeous facial expressions, eye contact, and smiles!  6 week old W was full of them.  We even got lucky when he snuck in a little nap…..!

Even if you think you missed the ‘newborn’ window, give your photographer a call.  Discuss what type of photographs are possible at your baby’s age.  You will never regret capturing beautiful images of your baby/child- no matter the age.

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Interested in photos of your baby?  It’s never too late!  Get in touch for more information about Kelly Rawlinson Creative Photography services.  (905)-967-3103,[su_spacer]


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