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January 17, 2017

Wow I’ve had a string of boys lately!  Liam is one of the most chill little guys I’ve photographed.  Very sleepy, and very content.  It was wonderful to spend some time with Liam and his family during the session, and then again when ordering their photos.

Yes, we meet a second time!  I feel it’s unfair to leave you with an online gallery of images to choose your photos, or a disk of photos to fend for yourself.  I believe in enjoying photography to the fullest, and that means getting some professional help with displaying your images.  Whether you want to decorate your walls, or create a keepsake album to enjoy as a family, I can help you with making those decisions.  I can even show you with an app exactly what an image at a specific size would look like on the wall, using a photo of your room!  Having photos is great, but if you’re going to invest in professional photography it should definitely be printed.  The print quality through my professional lab is stunning- and archival- meaning your images will last long enough to pass them on to the next generation.  What a gift for your son/daughter to inherit artwork created when they were brand new!

Just a few of my favourite pictures of 1 week old Liam!

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