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May 27, 2016

Simple calm image of pregnancy mother

Why maternity photography?  Why document that time when your ankles swelled, acne raged, hair frizzed and you gained weight…. everywhere?  You probably don’t feel well, you think you look tired and unattractive, you don’t have any nice clothing that fits.  There are many reasons not to be photographed at this time.  I know those were my reasons (all pretty superficial ones, don’t you think?).

What about the reason FOR doing it?  Like, being able to look back at that time, when you carried your little one in your womb.  In hindsight you will be able to see how everyone was right- you were glowing.  There was a sparkle in your eye, a different beauty that is not always present.  In the photos you can see your husband, or partner, looking at you in a way you’ve never noticed before.  You see the womanly curves, and marvel at how amazing your body is – you created a life.

Photography is not for the present- it’s for the future.  These moments are documented to remind you of times past.  Photographs help tell your story, bring back those feelings, tastes, smells…. the good and the bad of your pregnancy.  They help you remember.   Your pregnancy is something that you’ll want to remember.  To think back fondly on, even if you did have morning sickness for the entire 9 months, heartburn so badly that you couldn’t sleep, and ankles swollen so large even your shoes wouldn’t fit.  Trust me, you’ll want to remember it all.

Jennifer is without a doubt basking in the pregnancy glow.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  She and Paul are due to welcome their first child- a girl, any day now.  I’m looking forward to meeting her at her newborn photography session!

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