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January 18, 2016

Beautiful 1 month old Audrey!

Audrey’s mother contacted me when she was just about 1 month old.  She did not realize that newborn portraits are usually booked while still pregnant, or that the best age for those curly, sleepy newborn poses is 6-10 days.

I was disheartened to hear that she had been turned away by several photographers because her baby was “too old”.  I could never turn away any family wanting beautiful photographs of their child for that reason!  I explained that it was unlikely that Audrey would sleep well enough, or be able to curl up in the newborn poses, but I would still capture some beautiful moments- even if she was awake.

Andrey was a bit fussy and unsettled for the first part of her session.  I worked at her pace, and when she finally fell into a deep sleep (surprising us all) I was able to get some amazing shots- posing nearly as well as an under-two-week-old baby.

Here are a few of the best photos from the session.

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