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How sweet is 10 day old Maya???

Babies tend to do the opposite of what their parents expect at their photography session.  I hear “I’m afraid he’s not going to sleep for you, this is his ‘awake time'”.  And then he sleeps like a dream.  So when Maya’s mother came in and said “She’s going to be so easy- all she does is sleep!”.  I thought “Uh-oh”!  Perhaps it’s because a baby who is very well rested becomes aware and interested in my studio- new place, sights, sounds smells.  But a tired newborn who doesn’t sleep as much gets lulled into dreamland by the warmth and comfort of the studio.  I don’t know for sure, this is just a trend I’ve noticed recently.

So Maya put up a fight for awhile, but eventually slept well so I got both awake and beautiful sleepy baby images.  Mom and Dad, Jenny and John, especially loved her awake photos- they show so much of her personality.

It was a pleasure to spend this time with the three of them.  Jenny and I were friends in high school, so it was nice to catch up and meet her husband and brand new daughter.  Enjoy every moment you two –  they grow so fast!   Here are some of my favourite portraits that resulted from the photography session.


Are you expecting a baby?  If you’re interested in a newborn session and in your third trimester of pregnancy, use the ‘Contact’ button to send me a message.  I’d love to send you more information about my services!

Jenny Forman - Love our sweet Maya’s newborn photos! Thanks again Kelly for the great experience and capturing this special time of our little girl!

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