Georgina Photography | Pregnancy Announcement

I’m honoured that I was trusted with such a special task- creating the images that would reveal to the world that Caitlin & Aiden will soon be ‘mom & dad’! Judging by the response on social media to the pregnancy announcement photos, I’m not the only one who thinks these two will be amazing parents. Two incredibly kind, energetic and down-to-earth people (and may I say, photogenic!) who are clearly crazy in love.

And what a fun photo session this was! The theme, “Having a Ball” comes from this couples last name, Ball. I thought it was so cute and clever- and when Caitlin told me that they wanted to include balls / juggling in the session I was so excited! I think the final images suit them very much- showing the love, excitement and fun they’re bringing to this new journey.

I’m really looking forward to reconnecting for maternity photos and a newborn session- and meeting your new baby!!!

Congratulations you two!







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Caitlin Ball - Oh, Kelly! As always, it’s such a pleasure working with you. I’ve always felt so comfortable when it’s you behind the camera, and it was so fun to share this news and exciting time with you.

Beyond that, the finished product(s) are better than I ever imagined, and your generous sentiments you’ve written are so heartwarming. We feel so blessed to begin with, and knowing that others are sharing in our joy and excitement has been the icing on the cake.

Thanks for helping make our vision ‘come true’ xo

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