2013 Babies Contest!

April 18, 2014

I loooovvve to get updates and see photos from past newborn clients. It’s so neat to see how they grow (and catch up with the rest of the family too)!  Reflecting on this, I decided to hold a contest to bring one of my 2013 Newborn clients back, for a milestone or First birthday session. I need you to decide which of these beautiful babies will come back for another studio session. See details below!


2013 Babies Contest Entrants


a) Each person can vote in each of the following places for a total of THREE votes:

  1.  Comment below this blog post
  2.  Comment on the image in the Facebook gallery HERE
  3.  Comment on the image on Instagram @KelRawlinson (to view all entries, search hashtag #KRCP2013babies)

In your comment you must state WHY your chosen image should win.


b) Contest closes on April 27th at 9pm.   Any comments received after this time will not be counted.


c) Winner by popular vote, will be announced April 28th.


d) Prize includes one in-studio mini session for the child(ren) in the winning photo plus three 8×10 gift prints, valued at $205.




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number 5 is she saying “please oh please stop that dreadful snoring” beautiful twins x

#8 Just wonderful

Number 6 of course. Very contented and too cute for words.

#8 Such a touching photo.

#8. The most amazing little girl in the world.

My vote is for #8. Toughest and cutest little girl I know!

#6! What an expression. I think he’s laughing at us!

Vote for #6 cute little devil!!!

#7 Sweet Admiration!

#6, sweetest smile ever!

Rosemary De Jesus

Number 7 true unconditional love!

#7 Love the siblings!

#7! Such adorable little babes and that little guy makes me want a second baby!

Voting for #7 – they are too cute 🙂

#2 gets my vote. She is a sweetheart!

# 1 – and I’m pretty sure his Dad sleeps like that, too.

# 9 This little one is so relaxed ! It is my favourite

#8 is precious and gets my vote

Baby #1. He looks so comfy on the guitar. I am sure his Daddy’s singing & playing lulls him to sleep.

I vote for #1 – The most rockin baby in the world.

#4 is just the most prevcious and fragile thing in the world!!!! whatta photo!! great job

#4!!! Too cute!!

Whats better than a baby? two babies.

#1 – The picture is very creatively arranged and the baby’s expression makes me think he is going to grow up and be a rock ‘n roller of some kind!

#7 the pure happiness on the big sis’ face is way to sweet

#8 gets my vote. Adorable.

Sil – #1, because music is important in life!

Definitely #1…displays not only an adorable baby but the family’s love for music..such a great shot!!

#8 – Because she has been through so much and at such a young age she has brought great strength and taught us how important each and every day is.

I choose # 8 – she is a real fighter as well as precious and gorgeous!!

Number 8. Strongest little girl I know, oh ya and cutest!

#8 🙂 beautiful little soul

vote for #9 “little scotty” what a cute little thing =)

#4 she is my littlest niece and she is so cute

I vote #4 because the picture is so pervect of the little one fitting right in her daddy’s hands. So precious and something to treasure forever..love it.

Voting #7… Sister love !!

#5 just love twins…

#5 the twins to win!

#5 g&g for the win 🙂

I vote for #5. These twins are obviously in sinc. The little guy on the right seems to be using his mental telepathy, in a very brotherly way (ie let me send a scary/zany/silly message) to his sister. And she seems trapped in her pink swadling clothing! Priceless!

Im voting for Riley b

#4 is such a lil doll . Go Riley Go!!

Number 5! Love those two babies 🙂

#4 because she is the sweetest baby I know

My vote is for #4 Riley!

Without a doubt #4

#9 is the cutest baby 🙂

#7!!!! Beautiful Children!!

Big vote for Coach’s daughter, #4 🙂

#4!!!! She’s soooo cute!!

I vote for #4 bc the picture is just beautiful! It’s amazing to see how small babies can be!

#4 fo sure. 🙂

My vote is for #4

#4 is the most purest way to be presented to the world, in daddy’s hands

#7 hands down!!! My beautiful grandbabies!!!

#2 all the way she’s Ry’s girlfriend

Number 4!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


#4 because she is so cute and full of happiness

My vote goes to #4 she looks so precious in her daddy’s hands

#4 for the win!!

#2 Hands Down – So Cute

The Beatles can’t be wrong #9 #9 #9

#2 – my beautiful little granddaughter

#2 – loveable

#2 – my adorable niece

#2 My daughter!

Defiantly number 5!!!

#5 Twins…cause any mom with twins deserves a little something!!!

Geraldine Melanson

Number 5. Twins. Lovely babies

Geraldine Melanson

Number 5. Twins. They are so beautiful.

#9 looks the cutest !!!

#5. Can’t resist the twin cuteness!!

#4, because she is my littlest granddaughter and I love watching her grow.

I like #4. Very touching.

Vote 5- love twins!

# 5 for sure. They are all beautiful, but the look on the little girls face is fab.

#5- those twins are ADORABLE!!!

#8!!! she’s a fighter!!

#5 – love the twins

#5! Twins are the cutest!

#5, twins!!!

#5, love how they are set up, bright eyed little girl and sleepy lil man.

#5- cutest boy/girl twins ever! Love their lil dimple in thier chins ❤️

No. 4, for a very short time Dad has her in the palm of his hand, I’m sure she has him in hers by now.

Number 5….the twins are adorable

#5 – two little angels!

#5 twins. So cute

#5- those twins are too cute!

#8 my little angel who has in her short time fought the toughest battle of them all with more to come but despite of it all the happiest baby with the biggest smile you will ever meet.

I vote for the twins!!

They are all gorgeous, and one even looks like a little Bruce Willis(!), but I think number 4 is just lovely!

#5, love the twins pic… and these eyes!

#5 true special bond

# 5 hands down. Pink and blue. Perfect.

#5 soooo cut and quirky!!!

5 two babies twice as cute!

5- twins are too cute!

Love the twins #5

#5 love me some twins

#5 love the twins

Omg 5 is too cute!

#5!! Love those twinnies!!

Gotta love twins!

I vote for the adorable twins!!

# 7
They are both showing Beauty and the love of each other…

#7 please ….because I love them.

Geraldine Melanson

No. 5 because 2 babies are better than one. They are beautiful

#5 twin to win! Double G are adorable!

#5 love twins!

#5 the twins are so sweet

#9 is the cutest

#5 beautiful g&g

#5!!! Love her eyes, and sleepy brother.

#5! Twins are the cutest

#5 such adorable twins!

I vote for #7. Two angels!

# 6 has my vote, addorible smile!

#5! I love how this photo captures their different personalities, so precious

Number 5. Two adorable babies 🙂

#2 is a georgous, sweet angel – just want to cuddle this little sweetie 24/7!

#9 cutest baby ever!!!

#9 cutest baby in the UNIVERSE!!!!!

#5. Who doesn’t love a set of twins?!?!

I vote #5—love the twinnies!!!!

Twins!! #5 adorable =)

Vote for # 2

#5 all the way!!

#9 is a cutie!!!

I vote for #8, not only is she the cutest she is also the strongest little girl I know:)

I vote #8 a precious little girl who makes me smile. What a beautiful picture.

#9. By far the cutest!!

I vote for #9

Number 9 is the sweetest most peaceful!

#8 is my favorite! Such a strong little girl!

I choose #9,awwwww this is the sweetest baby!

#9 too cute for sure

Great pgotos

No.4 she just looks so peaceful what does she look like now

I think #9 is the sweetest! So precious and peaceful!

I vote for number 4 because she’s cute and those are my hands in the photo. 🙂

#9….perfectly poised & so handsome…..

#8 because she is such a trooper and iI love her to bits.

#6…..I’d love to know what he’s dreaming about!…what a cutie!!

#8 -she is a tough cookie

#9 he is my daughter’s little friend and such a sweet boy. (Such a cute bum in that picture!)

#7 utterly perfect

I vote for #9 too cute and peaceful looks so natural

I vote for # 9, handsome boy

#9 of course, cutest

#9 for sure! Sooo cute!

Love the big sister welcoming her brother into the world. She loves him to pieces,

I vote #7! Because they are two beauties the world could definitely use more photos of <3

#8 baby deserves to win!! She has fought and won so many battles in her life thus far. Xo

#8 such a gorgeous baby

#8. Miracles don’t happen every day. She’s a beautiful baby girl and stronger than all of us that love her. When she smiles it will lighten up your day…instantly !

#2 – so adorable

#2 – so beautiful!

#2 – she’s the sweetest doll!!

Voting for no. 8… We love her. Xoxox

I love #7

vote #2 she’s the most sweetest girl 🙂

# 2 adorable 🙂

#8 – she looks so peaceful and delicate and yet she is an incredibly strong, tough fighter!

Number 2!!!

I vote for #4, because she is my baby! They are all beautiful babies. I wish I got 11 votes;)

I can only see true love from the picture and a beautiful baby..

Vote for #11 – he posed for photos as a newborn… and still loves being in front of a camera!!! 🙂
Thanks again Kelly!

#2 S adorable!

Obviously voting for #7!! 🙂 Thanks again Kelly!

Vote for photo #2 .. Such a sweetie!

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