Kelly Rawlinson | York Region Newborn Photographer

Why Newborn Photography?

The birth of my daughter, and becoming a mom, was an incredible experience.  I became insanely passionate about this time in a woman’s life; the excitement, the fears, the joy- it’s nothing short of miraculous.  And as a photographer, it naturally became my desire to create memories of this time for others.

I am a portrait photographer specializing in modern, fresh and natural newborn photography.  Based in Willow Beach, Ontario, I service Georgina and the surrounding areas- GTA, York Region, Newmarket, Aurora, Keswick, Sutton, Beaverton, Barrie, Innisfil, Bradford, and Orillia.
My focus is on simple, beautiful newborn portraits with a contemporary look and posing.  Maternity, baby milestone, cake smash, birthday and family sessions are also available.  To view my work, please see recent blog posts or view my porfolio galleries.

Newmarket Newborn Photos | Twin Photoshoot

Twin Boys Newborn Portrait Session

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I’m fascinated by twins!  I am in a special position, spending time with newborn twins – I get the chance to see how they behave and react when alone, and with their sibling.  These boys- as with every other set of twins I’ve photographed- were definitely more settled and relaxed when they were laying next to each other.  The physical bond they share in the womb is drastically changed when they are born- becoming apart, and most often, not curled up with their sibling.  I do enjoy photographing each baby separately, capturing their individual features and tiny little faces.  But those pictures with them curled sweetly together…. they are so special to me, and I’m sure their family too!

Here are just a few of my favourites from this twin boy newborn photoshoot.

Newborn photo taken by Twin photographer in Newmarket ON

Twin boys snuggled up together

Family photo with newborn twin babies Newmarket york region

First family photo with newborn twins

Newmarket quality newborn portraits of twin boys

Little Brother Twin

Newmarkets best twin photographer

Big Brother Twin

Twin newborn photo in Newmarket Ontario

Sweet baby smiles!


Are you expecting twins?  It’s a good idea to book your session well in advance since twins can be born early.  Speak with your photographer about when you’d like the babies photographed- the window for photographing multiples is usually larger than a singleton.  Give me a call or send a message – I’d love to chat!